March 2020: Xenia Kyriakou, Florida Gulf Coast University

Date: March 18, 2020 Time: 7:00pm Location: IMAG, Ft. Myers, FL Early Cistercians, a Catholic order of monks and nuns was founded in A.D. 1098 to follow the strict Rule of Saint Benedict. Practitioners are typically believed to have lived obedient, simple lives toiling in agricultural fields and eating only coarse… Continue reading

February 2020: Theresa Schober

Presenter: Theresa Schober Date: February 19, 2020  Time: 7:00pm Location: IMAG, Ft. Myers, FL SUBJECT: In 1521, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon attempted to settle Florida at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. While the settlement failed, some of the expedition’s cattle remained. By the 1600s, 20,000 head of cattle… Continue reading

January 2020: Dr. Margo J. Schwadron

Presenter: Dr. Margo J. Schwadron SUBJECT: The Ten Thousand Islands contain some of the largest, most complex shell midden mound constructions in the world. Over 12 years ago, Dr. Schwadron began some of the first investigation of many of these monumental sites, and over many years, through National Geographic grants, dissertation… Continue reading

November 2019: Austin J. Bell

Presenter: Austin Bell, Curator, Marco Island Historical Museum SUBJECT: In December 2018, Marco Island welcomed “home” some of Florida’s most well-known archaeological artifacts for a special exhibition at the Marco Island Historical Museum. Excavated in 1896 from Key Marco – an archaeological site less than three miles from the museum… Continue reading

April 17, 2019: Middens in the Muck: Evidence of Late Archaic Tree Island Communities in the Northern Everglades

Presenter: William Locascio, Florida Gulf Coast University Location: Collier Museum at Government Center, 3331 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, 34112 Time: Program 7:00pm SUBJECT: Students from the Florida Gulf Coast University Anthropology Program excavated remains of a Late Archaic village near Belle Glade, FL over two seasons, producing evidence that communities… Continue reading

March 20, 2019: Down and Dirty: The Archaeology of Southeast Florida

Presenter: Christian Davenport, Historic Preservation Officer & Archaeologist, Palm Beach County Location: iMAG History & Science Center, 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers Time: Program 7:00pm SUBJECT: The interior of South Florida is the last black hole of archaeology research within the lower 48 states. Over a decade of research has… Continue reading

February 20, 2019: Onward and Upward: The History of the African-American Community in Fort Myers, Florida 1867-1969

Presenter: Mr. Jarrett Eady Location: iMAG History & Science Center, 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers Time: Program 7:00pm SUBJECT: Learn about the history and experiences of the African-American Community here in Ft. Myers, Florida from the post-Civil War period of 1867 to 1969. The emancipation of slavery after the Civil… Continue reading

January 16, 2019: The Making of Escampaba: The Kingdom of Carlos

Presenter: Theresa Schober Location: IMAG History & Science Center, 2000 Cranford Avenue, Fort Myers Time: Program 7:00pm SUBJECT: The first program of the new year is by local archaeologist and film maker Theresa Schober. Theresa will discuss the making of a soon to be released documentary focused on the Calusa… Continue reading


On Saturday December 8, 2018 a group of 22 SWFAS members and guests visited the Marco Island Historical Museum.   We were given an overview by a museum staff member to familiarize us with the layout of the museum and to answer any questions we might have. Of course, we… Continue reading