Archaic Everglades

Since the beginning of the Everglades of Florida, there were people. For thousands of years, Archaic Period Floridians lived in the watery margins of land and water. These early Floridians used generations of knowledge to thrive. They shaped the landscape to their needs. Now, much of the Northern Everglades has been shaped to… Continue reading

Conquistadors and the Calusa: Reflections on Resistance

Archaeologists, historians, and literary scholars chronicle Ponce de León’s 1513 skirmishes with the Calusa in southwest Florida and the consequences to indigenous populations and Spanish in political, economic, religious, and biological terms. This symposium brought together lead scholars on south Florida’s ethnohistory and those studying collective history and representation in… Continue reading

Shadows and Reflections: Florida’s “Lost” People

Before Spanish explorers arrived 500 years ago, Florida was home to a variety of sophisticated and colorful native societies, including diverse groups such as the Calusa, Apalachee, Timucua, and Tequesta. In this film, artist Theodore Morris follows his quest to recreate on canvas the lives and spirits of these vanished… Continue reading