SWFAS Treasurer is recipient of the 2020 William C. Lazarus Award

Charles “Charlie” Strader is the recipient of the 2020 William C. Lazarus Award. He was nominated by the Southwest Florida Archaeological Society (SWFAS), of which Charlie is a long-time member. He earned an undergraduate degree in Applied Anthropology in 1977 from University of South Florida, in Tampa. His involvement in… Continue reading

March 2020: Xenia Kyriakou, Florida Gulf Coast University

Date: March 18, 2020 Time: 7:00pm Location: IMAG, Ft. Myers, FL Early Cistercians, a Catholic order of monks and nuns was founded in A.D. 1098 to follow the strict Rule of Saint Benedict. Practitioners are typically believed to have lived obedient, simple lives toiling in agricultural fields and eating only coarse… Continue reading

February 2020: Theresa Schober

Presenter: Theresa Schober Date: February 19, 2020  Time: 7:00pm Location: IMAG, Ft. Myers, FL SUBJECT: In 1521, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon attempted to settle Florida at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. While the settlement failed, some of the expedition’s cattle remained. By the 1600s, 20,000 head of cattle… Continue reading

January 2020: Dr. Margo J. Schwadron

Presenter: Dr. Margo J. Schwadron SUBJECT: The Ten Thousand Islands contain some of the largest, most complex shell midden mound constructions in the world. Over 12 years ago, Dr. Schwadron began some of the first investigation of many of these monumental sites, and over many years, through National Geographic grants, dissertation… Continue reading

November 2019: Austin J. Bell

Presenter: Austin Bell, Curator, Marco Island Historical Museum SUBJECT: In December 2018, Marco Island welcomed “home” some of Florida’s most well-known archaeological artifacts for a special exhibition at the Marco Island Historical Museum. Excavated in 1896 from Key Marco – an archaeological site less than three miles from the museum… Continue reading


The William C. Lazarus Memorial Award was developed by the FAS Board of Directors in 1985. It is named for the late William C. Lazarus (1911-1965) who made significant contributions to Florida archaeology, site preservation and education. Lazarus was an active FAS member in the late 1950’s to mid 1960’s,… Continue reading

Archaic Everglades

Since the beginning of the Everglades of Florida, there were people. For thousands of years, Archaic Period Floridians lived in the watery margins of land and water. These early Floridians used generations of knowledge to thrive. They shaped the landscape to their needs. Now, much of the Northern Everglades has been shaped to… Continue reading

Conquistadors and the Calusa: Reflections on Resistance

Archaeologists, historians, and literary scholars chronicle Ponce de León’s 1513 skirmishes with the Calusa in southwest Florida and the consequences to indigenous populations and Spanish in political, economic, religious, and biological terms. This symposium brought together lead scholars on south Florida’s ethnohistory and those studying collective history and representation in… Continue reading